7 Facts about LP Siding That Will Shock You

Homeowners have a lot of options when it comes to the siding that they want for their home. For example, they may want wood, aluminum, or other types of metals. As siding contractors in Roberts, Wisconsin, we find that more and more people are looking into LP siding. Louisiana Pacific siding is made from wood particles, but it relies on a special manufacturing process to protect the wood from possible decay. Here are some other interesting facts about this type of siding that you should know.

Long Lasting

LP siding was first introduced in 1997. Since then, you’d be hard pressed to find any complaints or reported problems for the product. The product is made from quality materials. In fact, the manufacturers stand by their product, offering up to a 50 year warranty. And, so far, there have been very few, if any, people who have needed to use the warranty.

Installers Prefer It

Our installers want to provide the siding material that the homeowners want. However, most installers will tell you that they prefer working with LP siding. Why? For one thing, it comes in long planks. Most of them are 16 feet in length, which is about 4 feet longer than other types. This allows us to install the siding quicker than other types. And since the material is lightweight and easy to work with, there are few problems installing it.

Produces Fewer Allergens

The material is made to fight against mold and fungal issues. However, it also produces less dust. This protects our installers sinuses while installing it and helps homeowners who have allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems.

Increases Wall Strength

Over time, walls start to droop. If you look at the siding, you can see how it bows with the walls. Not LP siding. The LP siding actually increases the strength of the wall and structure. It will help the walls remain straight while they’re in place.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike other wood siding, homeowners won’t need to worry about the walls rotting or decaying. Unlike metal siding, homeowners won’t need to worry about rust. With LP siding, homeowners can use a pressure washer every so often to clean off dirt and other debris. When they bump into the siding, the damage won’t show as easily as it would with other types, either. Basically, they’ll have great-looking siding for the life of it.

Fade Resistant

Another benefit to LP siding is the fact that the paint won’t fade as often as other types of siding. Homeowners can paint their siding whatever color they want to match their home. When the colors fade, they’ll want to repaint again, but they won’t need to do it as quickly for their LP siding.

Year-Round Installation

LP siding can be installed on the exterior of the home year-round. Yes, that means we can help you in the fall and winter, too. In fact, many homeowners find that these times of the year can be the best time to install it, especially when they want to protect their home and insulate it from the cold.

For more information, contact our siding contractors in Roberts, Wisconsin, to learn more about LP siding and other types that we can install for you.

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