Exterior Siding Options for Your Home

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When it is time to replace the siding on your home, there are many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a change or you are in need of new siding, our licensed siding contractors can help. At C&T Siding, we offer a variety of different siding options so you can find the one that best fits your needs. Each of our three siding options comes with its own pros and cons, which we will detail for you. Our team will walk you through the process so you can decide the material that is best for your needs. Here, our experts will discuss each of our siding choices in detail.

How Many Siding Options Do We Offer?

At C&T Siding, our siding contractors offer several types of materials, including installation of seamless steel siding, LP Smartside Siding, and fiber cement siding materials. While all of these materials are great choices for your siding installation project, each offers different features, some of which you may like and others you may not. For this reason, it is important to consult with an expert to ensure you have found the siding option that works best for you.

EMCO Seamless Steel Siding

EMCO seamless steel siding is made from industry-grade steel. True to its name, the material is smooth on the outside, flowing together without visible splices and joints. Because of its design, this type of siding offers elite protection against the weather raging outside your home, as well.

Pros of EMCO Seamless Steel Siding:

●        Little Maintenance. Unless the siding is improperly installed, you don’t have to worry about caulking, staining, patching, and more.

●        Simple to Clean. You just need soap and water to clean the smooth surface.

●        Saves on Energy Costs. The coating on this siding reflects heat and traps air inside.

●        Multiple Styles Available. Seamless steel siding comes in a variety of colors, styles, finishes, and more.

●        Suited for Harsh Climates. This siding helps trap the air you want inside your home and dispel the harsh summer or winter air.

Cons of EMCO Seamless Steel Siding:

●        Can’t be Repainted. When you choose the color you want, you’re stuck with it. Seamless steel siding is not designed to be painted after it is installed.

●        Have to Hire a Professional. Because it is difficult to get the seamless look this siding is known for, it needs to be installed by a professional for the best result.

●        Can be Damaged in High Winds. Though this siding is great when it comes to varying temperatures, moisture can creep under the siding when it is extremely windy.

To learn more about EMCO Seamless steel siding, contact our team or visit our website.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding has changed the siding industry. Its thicker material and different make sets it apart from the rest. The siding itself is extraordinarily durable, can match nearly any home style, and has proven longevity.

Pros of Fiber Cement Siding:

●        Can Withstand Harsh Midwest Weather. With its finish and thickness, it is built to withstand the drastic temperature changes that come with living in Minnesota.

●        Sustainable. This siding saves you on energy costs by trapping the air inside your home, while keeping the hot or cold air outside your home.

●        Thicker Than Other Siding Materials. C&T’s James Hardie fiber cement siding is five times stronger than vinyl siding, meaning it offers more protection.

●        Durable. The proprietary finish on fiber cement siding makes it more durable than other materials.

●        Non-Combustible and Non-Perishable. This siding will not crack, warp, sag, or anything else due to the weather outside.

Cons of Fiber Cement Siding:

●        Difficult to Install. Because of its design, this siding can only be installed by a professional or with extremely expensive tools and expansive skills.

●        More Expensive Than Other Siding. Though low maintenance over the life of the siding will offset the cost, it is still more expensive than most other materials.

If you are interested in fiber cement siding, contact us today or visit our website.

LP Siding

If you’re looking for LP Siding installation, contact C&T Siding today. We carry this brand because of its proven durability, customization, and weather resistance. When you choose LP Siding, you will get offered SmartGuard® to protect your siding for years to come.

Pros of LP Siding:

●        Longer Pane Lengths with Few Seams. Longer panes with few seams allow for a more cohesive surface.

●        Extreme Durability. The exterior resists damage from events like hailstorms.

●        Resists Termite and Mold Damage. There is a resin-saturated overlay on LP Siding that keeps out moisture and pests.

●        Energy Efficient. Like other sidings, it resists air from outside and traps the air inside to save you on energy costs.

Cons of LP Siding

●        Needs Repainted More Often Than Other Siding. Though it is durable, it needs to be repainted every few years, as it is more prone to chipping and fading.

●        Edges Have to be Cut a Certain Way. To flow together seamlessly, the siding has to be cut a certain way. These specific cuts also help keep moisture out.

●        More Susceptible to Fire. Because the material is primarily wood, it is more likely to be damaged in a fire than other siding materials.

To learn more about LP SmartSide Siding, contact our team or visit our website.

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