Expand Your Usable Square Footage with a Screen Porch

sun room featuring dining table and wood knotty paneling

We all love home improvement projects. Not only do they help improve our home’s functionality, but they also add curb appeal and value to our home. Adding a screen porch is a great way to increase the amount of usable square footage in your home, as well as several other benefits. Below we examine some of the added benefits with a screen porch:

●        Added Usable Space

If you already have a patio or deck, a screen porch is a logical next step. While beautiful, a deck or patio is only usable in select seasons and with the right weather. Screen porches can add more useable space to your home and allow the room to function as if it were another room within the home. With the right type of screen porch, you will be able to use the room year round, in most climates, and in any weather. Increasing the amount of space you are able to use in your home opens the door to endless possibilities for the rest of your home.

●        Keep the Elements Out

A screen porch at a minimum is able to keep snow and rain out. This means your screen porch now can be used in many different climates and can be used regardless of the weather.

With a screen porch, you can also add more structural elements, such as solid walls, windows, and roofing, which can help block out cold or damaging winds. Ensuring you have a warm and dry space allows you to use your porch as a living, dining, or sun room. Fabrics can be added without the worry of water damage or mold.

●        Economical

If you need to add more space to your home, a screen porch is relatively inexpensive. Compared to a traditional room addition, a screen porch is a much more economical approach. For less money, you can still get the majority of the benefits from a screen porch as you would with a home addition.

●        Increased Privacy

Our homes are our personal haven where we can get away from neighbors and busy streets. A screen porch allows you to extend that privacy further beyond the walls of your home. Screen porches are shaded and feel like a traditional room, while still getting to enjoy the perks of being outside. Adding another room to your home only increases the footprint of your home and expands the number of places where you can feel at ease.

We want you to be able to enjoy every available inch of your home. More useable space means there are more places to enjoy friends, family, and the things you love. If you have the outdoor space, consider adding a screen porch. The experts at C&T Siding can answer any questions you may have about installation and help lead you every step of the way. To see what is available contact us today.

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