2019’s Most Popular Siding Color Ideas

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When it comes to siding, durability and efficiency normally trump color. Still, it’s possible to pick a trendy, year-round color to match your home’s finest aspects. Depending on your location, you’ve probably seen a variety of unique siding options out there.

Below, we’re covering the best picks of 2019. Each is guaranteed to withstand not only seasonal shifts, rain, shine, and wind—but to also remain stylish for many years ahead.

●        Cypress LP Siding

C&T Siding is a proud partner of LP SmartSide, which offers a variety of high-performance wood siding options. To pin down your home’s natural, spacious vibes, consider Cypress. The muted green color goes well with natural colors and tones, so it’s guaranteed to mesh with most modern communities.

●        Coastal Blue Seamless Steel Siding

A home’s siding can be made of steel, but it needn’t stick out like a sore thumb. C&T Siding’s steel siding options span across numerous color options, and we recommend a nice, coastal blue color to bring out your home’s neutral shades.

Crisp, evocative, and soothing, the rich, light blue design will invoke the peace and well-being associated with a clear, coastal day.

●        Granite Gray Fiber Cement Siding

Whether you’re looking for a classic James Hardie fiber cement look or a rustic ambiance, granite gray is a fantastic color choice. It fits well with most James Hardie designs and styles, boasting a light, neutral, and pleasing tone spectrum, which plays upon the home’s architectural intricacies.

Plus, it’s a fantastic design for homeowners seeking neutral tones. More subtle than tan, and not as extreme as cream, granite gray isn’t only one of the most adaptable styles out there—it’s one of the most classic.

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