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What Type of Replacement Window Should You Choose?

When considering replacement windows, picking the right style to suit your home and lifestyle is essential to your overall level of satisfaction. At C&T Siding, our experienced window contractors take the time to educate our customers about the options available to them so they can make the right choice. Below are some popular replacement window types.

●        The Single-Hung Window

With a single-hung window, both parts of the window don’t move up and down to open. Only one part of the window, the sash, rises up or down. Some models of this type of window feature a sash that tilts inward so you can easily clean both sides of the glass.

●        The Double-Hung Window

The double-hung window is a popular type with homeowners. The bottom and the top sash move up and down, making it very versatile. Opening the top sash allows hot, humid air to flow out of a room, while opening the bottom sash allows cooler air to enter. Some models of double-hung vinyl windows also feature a sash that tilts forward for ease of cleaning.

●        The Sliding Window

With this type of window one half slides open or shut horizontally along tracks. These fiberglass or vinyl windows are stylish and easy to open when you want access to the fresh air outside.

●        Specialty Windows

Other types of windows include specialty windows that provide curb appeal on the outside of the home and a lot of visual drama on the interior. Specialty windows include bay or bow windows, projection windows, casement windows, picture windows, and accent windows. Specialty fiberglass or vinyl windows are long lasting, very durable and provide a lot of curb appeal.

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