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What to Consider When Replacing Doors and Windows

As homes age, they start developing certain issues such as drafts, air, and water leakage. You need to replace your windows and doors to cut down on energy bills and keep your home cozy. C&T Siding has gathered information to help you choose perfect replacements.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star certifies most replacement doors and windows. They have a distinct design that makes them tolerant to harsh weather. Triple pane windows have argon gas fills and a LoE coating that greatly minimizes heat loss.


Most vinyl windows have extended durability. They don’t need regular repair or repainting. It’s advisable to use steel hardware as it enhances your windows’ smooth operation. Clean coating window panes aids in itemizing dirt and dust that may interfere with airflow in your home.

Window Screens

Standard window screens help in getting rid of debris and harmful insects. Skilled window contractors fix screens that have an aluminum frame. They use thick fiberglass mesh as they can tear easily. A pinless system enables you to install and uninstall window screens.


When replacing doors and windows, it’s vital to seek professional installation to extend their lifespan and performance. In addition to purchasing quality products, install your replacement windows properly.

Customized fiberglass windows can fit in an existing opening in your home’s walls. Expanding the insulation foam fully protects your family from cold air and too much heat. When installing, contractors follow local construction laws and state building codes.


Most replacement doors and windows have a guaranteed warranty of over 20 years. C&T Siding has experienced technicians who can help you to install and maintain your new windows and doors. Most manufacturers insist that warranty applies as long as professionals to installation, repairs, and maintenance.

When to Consider Vinyl, Vinyl-Wood, or Wood Windows

Choosing the ideal type of material to use when replacing your doors and windows isn’t ale and cakes. The most common materials that most house owners prefer include vinyl and wood. Generally, wood and vinyl windows have the same energy efficiency. Nevertheless, they have some distinct variations including:

●        Maintenance: Windows comprising wood need more maintenance compared to those made of vinyl. You need to repair wood after every three years. After installing a vinyl window, you don’t have to repaint it later.

●        Customization: It’s easy to customize a wood window than a vinyl window as you can repaint it. You can get a variety of vinyl replacements with different finishes and colors. Also, you can get cherry, maple or oak wood windows.

●        Cost: Most wood windows are expensive than those comprising vinyl. Also, they have a lower investment return of about 72% of their initial cost.

Are you planning to replace your doors and windows? C&T Siding manufactures quality custom decks, home accents, and seamless steel siding. We have competent technicians who meet our clients’ needs by offering affordable services. Visit our eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin offices to place an order or call us.

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