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Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows From C&T Siding

As the weather cools down, we move inside. It’s time to check the house to make sure it’s as weatherproof as possible before heading into a cold northern winter. If your windows aren’t what they used to be, C&T Siding can help you review some great new options!

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have long been the most popular choice for home windows because they are durable, low-maintenance, and the most affordable. Vinyl started replacing wood windows in the 1970s because they are low-maintenance. They never need to be repainted like wood windows; even fiberglass needs to be repainted once in awhile.

Vinyl windows have a multi-chamber design, like a honeycomb. This shape provides insulation. It also gives the window structural integrity and keeps its shape over the years. For this reason, most vinyl, including our windows, are Energy Star approved.

Vinyl windows are easier to install than fiberglass. Vinyl is more flexible than fiberglass; therefore, it is easier for window contractors to cut the window to fit the opening. If you are handy, you might consider installing a vinyl window yourself.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are newer to the mass market but are quickly gaining popularity because they are durable, low-maintenance, and energy efficient. Fiberglass has a sleek, stylish appearance because the window requires less support from the frame; therefore, it offers more glass space. They can even be made to look like wood windows.

Fiberglass is considered to be as strong as steel. The window does not expand and contract with heat, which allows the window to stay completely sealed. Outdoor air stays out and indoor air stays in.

Fiberglass windows are triple or double glazed. Glazing is the putty that holds the glass inside the window frame. Besides holding the glass in place, it is a way to insulate the glass from heat exchange. The more layers of glazing a window has, the better the insulation.

Fiberglass is more challenging to install because it is rigid and more difficult to cut to fit a window opening. It’s not a good idea to install a fiberglass window yourself. Leave it to the professional window contractors.

Fiberglass is 10 to 30 percent more expensive than vinyl. You are going to get some of the difference in the cost of fiberglass back over the years of using these windows because fiberglass is about 15 percent more efficient than vinyl. This is because it doesn’t expand and contract. Also, even the frame has insulation, like the pink stuff you find in your attic, inside the frame.

Vinyl has long been the standard for windows in the U.S. It’s still popular in northern states like Minnesota and Wisconsin because vinyl is susceptible to heat warping, which isn’t much of a problem in the Upper Midwest. Cost aside, fiberglass is gaining popularity.

If you are interested in installing vinyl or fiberglass windows in your home before the winter hits contact C&T Siding. Our window specialists are ready to set you and your family up for a warm, stylish, and efficient winter. Give us a call at 651-483-6146 or visit us online for a free estimate.

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