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Is There a Right Time to Replace Doors and Windows?

After some time, homeowners need to replace doors and windows. Well maintained windows often last over ten years. However, certain factors such as the home’s location significantly influence windows’ durability. How often should you replace them?

Here are five signs that you need to replace your windows and doors:

A Draft of Cold or Hot Air

Some homeowners love living in old houses but spend little time checking house condition. Drafty doors and windows indicate you need to repair your house. Hot air experienced during summer and cold air during winter shouldn’t enter the house through closed doors or windows.

You may choose to replace your weather stripping as a temporary measure. Your doors and windows seals wear out after some time. Repair or replacement is paramount. If you experience drafts while in your home, consult window contractors to fix the problem.

Peeled Paint on Doors and Window Sills

Usually, windows start depreciating from the sill while doors deteriorate from the bottom rail. Split wood or peeling paint allows moisture to reach the wood causing rotting. That may cause numerous structural issues. Rotten wood also attracts dangerous insects such as termites that accelerate wood rot. To minimize repair costs, it’s prudent to replace damaged doors and windows.

Difficulty in Closing or Opening the Doors and Windows

At times, painted doors and windows may pose a safety hazard to your family. They may prevent them from leaving the house during an emergency. New doors and windows, close, lock and open with ease. Windows should stay open without getting any external support. Their balance mechanism helps in keeping them open. If the balance is damaged, it can easily hurt you as you try opening.

Light Penetration through a Window Sill and Underneath a Door

When you close a window, the sill or window casing should allow light to penetrate. Also, exterior patio doors shouldn’t allow light to pass through their frame. If they do so, they may allow insects and water into your house.

Condensation Between Window Panes

Windows with a double or triple pane normally have a thin layer of air between the fiberglass. The air is needed for insulation. If condensation starts occurring between the panes, it shows faultiness in your windows insulation capability.

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