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How to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season

As one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, it’s important to protect your home at all times. Taking a few minutes to makes some storm preparations before bad weather arrives can make all the difference between getting through the season unscathed and having to do a great deal of cleanup afterward. Here’s how to prepare your home for storm season. 

1. Inspect the Roof

Because the roof covers such a huge part of your home, any damage to it puts the rest of it in danger. It’s important to have the roof thoroughly inspected to ensure that all of the shingles and tiles are securely attached and not cracked.

2. Is it Time to Have Your Home Reroofed? 

During the inspection of your roof, your contractor might determine that your best best is a complete reroofing to ensure that your belongings and your home’s structure are protected. If you are going to have your home reroofed, consult with your roofing company to determine if sealing the roof deck is a good idea. In most cases, sealing the roof involves covering it with a waterproof membrane or sealing its edges with waterproof tape. Sealing it only adds a few hundred dollars to the costs of reroofing but gives you invaluable protection.

3. Assess Porches and Decks

Take a good and unbiased look at any attachments you have on your home. While a deck, porch or carport can serve a valuable purpose and help you enjoy your home, these same additions can do a great deal of damage to your home during a storm. In order to reduce this possibility, much sure that all the supports for any structures like this are anchored securely to the ground.

4. Check Door and Window Seals

Even normal weather can wear away at the seals surrounding your doors and windows. When you add in the possibility of driving rain and wind, seals that have been damage can allow the elements to enter areas that it’s not supposed to. This can result in the integrity of your home being challenged or introduce rain, snow and wind to its interior. Getting your windows and doors resealed helps protect against that.

C & T Siding provides all the services you need to make your home ready for storm season. With their free estimates, you know exactly how to budget for these long-lasting home improvements that can protect your home.

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