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How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Home

Old, drafty windows can make your home a very uncomfortable place to live. They can refuse to open, yet leak rain which causes rot and other damage to your home’s interior.

Safety Concerns

Secure windows and doors help prevent break-ins and robberies. Windows that don’t shut properly or aren’t sound in structure won’t provide much security for you and your family when it comes to burglars intent on breaking into your home.

Windows on upper stories of houses that won’t open are a safety hazard in the case of fire. If you can’t get the window open, you can’t escape the flames. Speak with a window contractor at C&T siding about this issue for more information.

UV Protection

When it comes to replacement windows, ask your window contractor about glass with UV protection. This special type of glass protects interior furnishings, such as carpets, draperies, and upholstery from fading in sunlight and cuts down on solar heat gain.

Non-Wood Frames

Even though wood has the most insulative quality, it also requires the most maintenance. Choosing windows with frames made of other materials may be the better choice if you want a more durable window.

Careful Installation Is Important

No matter how excellent a window is designed and constructed if not installed properly it will create problems for the homeowner. At C&T Siding, we pride ourselves in our quality installation of replacement windows. We take our time and do the job right, so the window creates a secure and watertight barrier between you and the outside world.

We Can Help

If you are tired of the never-ending frustration of having to deal with leaky windows that refuse to open or shut and don’t know where to turn for advice, look no further than C&T Siding. Our window contractors can answer your questions honestly and help you make informed decisions on which replacement windows are right for your home.

At C&T Siding, we’ve been assisting our customers in the Twin Cities area choose replacement windows since 1978. Over the years we’ve built a reputation in our community for honesty, integrity and superb craftsmanship and we strive every day to maintain this high standard. We are the company you can trust.

Not Just Windows!

We don’t just replace windows! At C&T Siding, we can assist you with any home improvement project you have in mind. We deliver the same quality of work with every job, large or small.

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