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How to Check Your Windows for Storm Damage

Windows do a lot more for your home than create great curb appeal. Windows allow occupants to connect visually with the beauties of nature and the outdoors, and to enjoy the fresh air. Windows also illuminate a home with natural sunlight, which can save you money on electric costs.

However, just like the rest of your home, severe storms can damage windows. Knowing how to spot storm damage  can allow you to take care of the problem quickly in order to prevent more expensive repairs in the future.

Spring and Summer Storms

Spring rains and summer thunderstorms can add stress to windows,doors, and frames. And depending on the size of hail, it can even crack the glass. During a storm, you can easily check your windows and doors for water leaks–just be careful of lightning and dangerous winds.

Here’s what you can do: check carefully around the window frames inside the house for any signs of moisture, such as a darkening of a wood frame where water has penetrated. Make sure no part of the window frame is broken and needs replacing.

Winter Storms

When the air is cold in the late autumn or winter when, you can for cold air leaking into your home around the edges of window panes or exterior doors. You should also check frequently for any cracks in the glass that will allow cold air and moisture to enter the interior of the house. Debris blown around by the strong winds can strike window glass and crack the panes.

If You Discover Storm Damage

If your windows show signs of damage after a storm, then other parts of the house are probably damaged, as well. You should immediately schedule a professional home inspection to make sure

When it comes to repairing storm damage, C&T Siding has over 30 years of experience assisting our customers. We work hard to give our customers quality workmanship and affordable prices.

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