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Get Efficient with Ultrex Windows

Your home’s energy efficiency matters. When it comes to awesome installations, we believe Ultrex windows pack a punch. Ultrex is eight times stronger than vinyl. It’s also three times stronger than wood-vinyl composites. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, swapping your current window setup for an all-Ultrex design can protect your home. Plus, it’ll boost your household’s energy efficiency.

Reduce Heat Loss and Cut Costs

Compared to modern single-pane, unglazed windows, Ultrex windows can reduce heating costs by up to 34 percent in cold environments. They cut costs by another 38 percent in warm climates. Most Ultrex dual-pane windows are the energy-conservative homeowner’s “bread and butter,” saving-wise. It’s no surprise that Ultrex has a low conductivity.

Expansion and Contraction

Ultrex is also flexible. It expands at the rate of glass, meaning your windows will stay tight, true and protected. They’ll resist leaks, stress cracks and seal failures. As a result, you’ll have an incredibly energy efficient home—one which boasts long-term comfort without stressful power bills.

Tough Materials

Here at C&T Siding, we’re proud of our window line. Ultrex is tough. Not only does it resist sagging, but it’s rot-resistant. Because Ultrex windows have low temperature transfer rates, they rarely warp, crack or become dented. These tough materials aren’t hard on the eyes, either. Ultrex fiberglass windows offer the beauty of fine wood while providing the practical benefits of fiberglass. Easily cleaned, Ultrex windows boast a superior finish coating—one which remains beautiful for decades.

Expertly Crafted

A lot of effort goes into Ultrex window creation. The Ultrex fiberglass creation process, itself, is patented. During this process, strong glass cables are saturated with a variety of resins. Then, they’re passed through a high-temperature die. Ultimately, they’re shaped with diamond-edge blades. The resulting bonded acrylic finish is three times thicker than similar finishes. This said, it’s also scratch-resistant and UV-resistant.

At C&T Siding, the Strongest Window Wins

Don’t settle for less-than-optimum windows. Check out our Ultrex/wood windows, and let our window contractors install today’s leading options for you. Your house comes first, and we’re dedicated to providing long-lasting, energy efficient solutions. Call us today at 651-483-6146. Our representatives are here to help, offering a free home consultation.

Highlight your home’s finest look. Deliver a lasting impression. Most importantly: Prioritize an economic household. Take a closer look at our Ultrex window options, and fortify your home’s insulation for years to come.

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