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Destroy those Drafts with New Vinyl, Wood, or Fiberglass Windows

Does it seem like you keep turning up the temperature in your Wisconsin or Minnesota home, but just can’t seem to get warm? Cold drafts can make you uncomfortable and your furnace will work harder trying to keep up with the demands. It might be time to look at ways to seal up your home with new windows from C&T Siding

Where is the Wind Coming From?

As your windows age, the frame can warp or shrink. It is possible the house settled a little. Drafts find ways around the sash and the frame. Even those insulated windows that were installed 20 years ago can lose the insulating gas between the window panes. If you can feel a draft on your hand–it is time to look at replacing your windows. If you stand in front of a sunny window and notice a significant increase in heat, the double panes aren’t doing you any good as when the sun sets, the cold is going to start seeping inside.

Opt for Simple and Fast Replacement Windows

At C&T Siding we offer a full range of windows, including vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. If you opt for simply replacing your windows without changing their size or shape, the job can be completed in just a day or two once your new windows arrive. In most instances, the window trim remains in place and your home isn’t turned upside down during the installation.

New Windows Create a Draft-Free Seal

As part of the installation process, extra insulation is placed into the gap between the wall and the window frame. The new window snaps into place, creating a snug seal. When you place your hand on the window in the middle of winter, it will feel nearly as warm to the touch as your walls.  Move the couch back under the front window and leave the extra sweater in the closet. In short, your drafts have been banished and you are left with a more comfortable home and lower heating bills.

Upgrade to Casement or Bold Picture Windows

Maybe you have always dreamed of replacing several double-hung windows in your living room with a large picture window and a pair of easy to use casements on the side. Anything is possible. The construction for reframing a new window is more significant than simple replacement, but our experienced technicians can get the job done while minimizing the impact on your home.

Would you like to learn more about our full line of Ultrex wood, aluminum, and vinyl windows? Give our window experts at C&T Siding in Roberts, WI a call today and schedule your in-home estimate.

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