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Are Fiberglass Windows More Economical?

You’ve probably heard it before: Fiberglass windows are well-regarded for their energy efficiency. When it comes to selecting the best options your window contractors can offer, it’s a good idea to keep your bank account in mind. Aside from vinyl windows, fiberglass windows offer some of the most cost-saving benefits around.

Why are Fiberglass Windows Energy Efficient?

Several factors contribute to fiberglass’ ability to save thousands of dollars on energy bills. Fiberglass requires few natural resources to be consumed—if any at all. Thus, it’s an incredibly eco-friendly material to construct, redesign and install.

Fiberglass’ energy benefits, to the homeowner, are even more impressive.

Fiberglass Doesn’t Deteriorate

Households take a beating. Fiberglass, however, withstands the test of time well. It won’t degrade like wood. It also won’t warp over time. Because fiberglass resists water, it can be an effective energy barrier for years—even decades.

Fiberglass is Strong

Aside from year-to-year degradation, another quality makes fiberglass a superior window material: It’s strong. In fact, it’s really strong. Fiberglass windows can withstand small impacts, nicks, dings and regular wear-and-tear far better than leading alternatives. Because they’re comprised of 60 percent glass, they similarly resist the radical temperature changes responsible for damage over time.

Fiberglass Holds its Shape

Fiberglass holds its shape well. While seemingly a small factor, it’s an incredibly powerful one. The material can contour to fit virtually any space. Furthermore, fiberglass windows can form-fit any window space—blocking moisture, mold and dirt. These materials are often responsible for a window’s breakdown over time, but fiberglass’ supreme “shapeshifting” abilities make it a superior installation option.

Fiberglass Windows Have Multiple Glazing Layers

When fiberglass window manufacturers create their windows, they often install multiple glazing layers. These layers greatly improve insulation. These glazing layers provide multiple levels of insulation—which, in turn, offer a higher degree of warm and cold air protection. As a result, a home’s energy bill is drastically reduced.

Fiberglass Windows Have Tinted Glass Coatings

Some homeowners can opt for tinted fiberglass coatings. These tinted coatings repel solar heat, further reducing a home’s overall energy loss. Because many household HVAC systems are automated, a set of fiberglass windows can stop them from activating due to temperature changes throughout the day.

Overall, fiberglass windows have an instrumental influence on a home’s energy usage. The installation of a single fiberglass window can drastically reduce energy expenditure. Contact C&T Siding today at 651-483-6146, and take advantage of our custom-tailored fiberglass windows. Spare your bank. Save your home’s cold air. Install one of today’s leading window options, and take advantage of a high-tech, energy-efficient household.

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