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Are Fiberglass Windows and Vinyl Windows the Same?

Your home’s windows are your direct outlet to the outdoors. From using them to let the sunshine and breezes inside to viewing the surroundings outside, your windows are likely used on a daily basis. Not only can older windows be difficult to open and leak air, but they can make your entire home look less appealing. Even new homes can have windows that fail because builders often use lower-grade materials in an effort to save money.

Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

If your home is five years or older, replacing the windows could reap you huge benefits. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is choosing between vinyl windows and fiberglass windows. Though they both offer superior energy efficiency when compared to glass and wood windows, there are significant differences between the two. Below is a primer regarding both types of windows that can help you choose.

●        Fiberglass windows

You can count on fiberglass windows to not rot or warp like wood can over time. Fiberglass is also known to handle extreme temperature changes better than other window materials. This is something to be aware of as the temperatures in the region can differ greatly throughout the seasons.

Fiberglass windows undergo a more complex manufacturing process. This not only means the windows tend to be more expensive than vinyl but that they are often available in a limited array of sizes. Fiberglass windows, too, are linked together at each of its joints. These could weaken over the years.

The manufacturing process involving fiberglass windows uses a solid material. This means that there are no insulating chambers could help with the comfort level inside your home.

●        Vinyl windows

In terms of long-lasting durability, vinyl windows provide about the same longevity as fiberglass windows. When it comes to the way they are manufactured though, you notice significant differences. These include the fact that vinyl windows are fusion welded for additional strength and the fact that they have internal chambers. This detail can increase the insulating properties of a vinyl window.

Vinyl windows have a simplified manufacturing process that reduces their cost compared to other types of window materials. Because of this manufacturing ease, homeowners have an almost unlimited choice in terms of custom and standard sizes. Custom windows that fit your home’s window openings are vital when it comes to energy savings and comfort.

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