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6 Door and Window Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

Doors and windows are big investments. Fortunately, they can serve homeowners for long if well maintained. To maintain your windows and doors, you need to perform routine checks and repairs. Here are six maintenance tips C&T Siding thought you need to know.

Aluminum Doors and Windows

Windows and doors with aluminum surfaces need constant cleaning with a detergent and water once in three months. It’s wise to use a soft sponge to avoid damaging aluminum or glass material. Avoid using chemical cleaners and steel wool as they can damage your doors or windows. Also, regularly check your drainage slots to prevent dirt and grime from blocking them.

Wood Doors and Windows

Use soft cotton cloths instead of abrasive cleaners. It’s vital to use a mild detergent when washing wooden door or window. Use clean water to rinse the residue and no solvents. Ensure that your bottom racks are always clean. When cleaning top racks, use a soft cloth and a dry silica lubricant. You need to oil hinges with the light grease. Moreover, you need to frequently operate the opening sashes to maintain the sash hardware’s performance.

Sliding Doors and Windows

Regularly clean your sill recesses with a vacuum and brush to remove dirt. Constantly check your door locks for maximum performance. Most door rollers have default settings. They don’t require extra adjustments. In case your home’s settlement needs a particular adjustment, you can perform it using a recommended screwdriver.


All hardware including seamless steel needs regular maintenance. You need to spray the brackets, hangers and pivots with a certified corrosion preventative including WD40 and gently wipe the excess substance with a cotton cloth. It’s crucial to wipe the hinges with soapy water and rinse them with a clean rag.


To properly clean glass surface on your patio doors and windows, use clean water and a mild detergent. After washing, rinse off the detergent using clean water. To remove stubborn grit, you can use a soapy sponge to avoid destroying the glass.

Insect Screens

You can clean insect screens by washing or vacuuming them. It’s prudent to do it after three months. You can add several drops of detergent to your cleaning water. Gently remove the screen when washing it. Dip a nylon brush inside warm water and use it to gently scrub the screens on your vinyl windows. Ensure that you thoroughly rinse it before drying it and fixing it back to the door or window.

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