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4 Remodel Projects That Are Perfect for the Holidays

Do the holidays fill you with excitement and cheer as you think about seeing far-flung family members and friends?  Do you dread hosting parties and gatherings at your home because it’s simply too small or the design doesn’t work well with the flow of such an event? Now is the perfect time to plan those remodeling jobs that will make your holidays everything that you’ve always wanted them to be. 

1. Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is too small or its layout is simply not conducive to holiday food prep, remodeling this valuable space now provides a solution to these problems. Knocking down walls, adding windows, addressing deficiencies in its design and other issues help determine whether this is a full remodel or a simpler project.

2. Basement

Turning your basement into a gathering space for friends and family is simple when you remodel it. By working closely with an experienced contractor, you can choose a design and materials that work best with the individual properties that your basement offers. Installing new flooring, lighting, windows and wall coverings can transform this often dark and dreary space into one that is welcoming and fresh.

3. Bathroom

Is your current bathroom too small and dingy looking to use when guests arrive? Or do you have a shortage of bathroom options that can be fixed by having another one added one? Remodeling your current bathroom space to make it larger and more inviting is a popular project that is especially welcomed during the holidays.

4. Bedrooms

While the number of bedrooms that your home has might mean that it’s a perfect fit for your family, this often means that there is no room for out of town guests to stay. If they are not able to afford a hotel, it is likely that some of those very people that you want to see will pass on the opportunity. Adding a bedroom provides much needed additional space for them. Best of all, you can put this room to good use even after the holidays.

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