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4 Reasons You Should Replace Old Windows and Doors

As a homeowner, recognizing when you need repairs is essential to maintaining your home. Problems like expensive utility bills and moisture on your window aren’t something you simply ignore. In fact, if you see something, such as any of the following problems, you may want to contact us at C & T Siding to determine if your doors or windows need replacing.

There Is a Noticeable Draft in Your Home

Your home is built to be tight—no air should enter or leave the home unless you want it to do so. During the construction of your home, your contractor installed a number of components to prevent draftiness, including insulation. If you notice that you have a draft around your windows and doors, then it could be a sign that you need to replace your doors and windows. Not replacing dated windows and doors could lead to a number of problems, including more expensive utility bills.

You Have Noticeable Gaps

The windows and doors in your home should shut without any gaps or cracks. There should be no light streaming in at the top, bottom, or on the sides of your doors or windows. There are many reasons gaps and cracks in your doors should be fixed or the door or window should be replaced, including:

  • Your cooled or warmed air is escaping.
  • Cracks and gaps can allow critters to crawl in your home.
  • The criminally-minded can exploit door and window cracks and gaps.

Once you notice that your window or door has gaps, you can contact our team at C & T Siding to replace or repair your window or door.

Water Gets into Your Home

Another easy way to determine you have a problem with either your windows or doors is the fact that they leak. Both doors and windows are created to have a tight seal. In fact, most manufacturers reinforce their seals to ensure that your home has a two-pronged system for ensuring the wind, critters, and water remain outside your home. If you notice that your door or window is leaking water, we can help you. Failing to fix the problem could lead to mold, which can be difficult to resolve once you have it.

Moisture Is Constantly on Your Windows

You could have moisture on your windows for a number of different reasons, which it is why it’s best to enlist the services of a professional, such as our team at C & T Siding, when you notice this problem. We can help you detect what is causing problems like moisture on the inside of your window panes, or when you notice more moisture than usual.

At C & T, we are the premier home improvement specialists in Roberts, WI. If you think you may need new windows or new entry doors, we are happy to help you. With a focus on making your home the best it can be, we are the go-to door and window specialists.

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