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3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows

Recently, you’ve may have seen fiberglass windows jump into the limelight when it comes to great windows. If you visited your local home improvement store, then you may see an abundance of fiberglass windows lining the aisles these days. Fiberglass windows are another option for windows for your home. In fact, it resists environmental damage, it has less thermal conductivity that many other types of windows, and it offer more insulation than aluminum based on U-factor materials. Fiberglass windows are great, don’t let the myths about fiberglass windows affect your decision to purchase these replacement windows for your home.

Myth #1. Fiberglass Windows Were Just Developed

Fiberglass windows aren’t new within the construction industry. Although they are recently getting another “look” by the construction industry, they’ve existed since 1946. These windows have a proven record of being a great option for your home, but now they are even better. The way fiberglass windows are created has been modified in an effort to make these windows stronger. As a result, newly-engineered fiberglass windows are what you are seeing on the market.

Myth #2. Fiberglass Windows Aren’t Strong

When you visualize fiberglass, you may use images of insulation as a reference point. Yes, insulation uses fiberglass, but the fiberglass used to make windows is much different than that used for your insulation. The process of creating fiberglass windows uses layers of layers of fiberglass to strengthen the windows, making it possible for fiberglass windows to be eight times the strength of vinyl windows on the market.

Myth #3. Fiberglass Windows Are Brittle

When it comes to your replacement windows, you want something that is durable and capable of withstanding severe weather. Fiberglass windows are your solution. These windows aren’t brittle at all. Fiberglass windows are stronger than vinyl windows by 38%, per a study conducted by the Life Cycle Assessment of Windows for the North American Residential Market. In fact, the strength of fiberglass windows prevents seals from failing, preventing your home from having drafts and condensation on your windows.

If you are curious about fiberglass windows, our team at C & T Siding can help you understand the benefits of these replacement windows. Fiberglass windows are one of our specialties in Roberts, WI, and we want you to be informed. When you are ready to learn more, give us a call so that we can help you compare fiberglass windows to other options on the market.

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