Why Fiber Cement Siding is Great for Homes

Two story suburban home with professionally installed siding

As many people continue to find ways that make their homes look great for decades to come, many have turned to fiber cement siding to protect their homes’ exteriors. With the continuous rise in popularity of fiber cement siding, we constantly hear the questions, “So what’s the appeal of fiber cement?” and “How does it contribute to the longevity of your home?”

We’re here to explain all the ins and outs of fiber cement and why so many homeowners are switching to this spectacular protection for their homes.

Fiber Cement and Longevity

One major perk that comes with fiber cement is that once it’s applied, you won’t have to replace your siding for at least 25 years! That’s right— 25 years. Although vertical wood furring would have to be applied to your home before the fiber cement is applied, this extra bit of effort can save you decades of worry in your home ever experiences severe weather. Even if you don’t experience severe weather, the fiber cement installation will last for decades.

Fiber Cement and Exterior Style

One can easily find fiber cement siding that matches the look of their home. Whether it be wood clapboards, cedar shingles, or stucco, you’ll find a match that still remains in tune with your home. In addition, there’s a wide variety of colors to choose from, so you’ll have no problem finding the fiber cement color scheme you’re looking for.

Fiber Cement and Primary Materials

Fiber cement is composed of wood fiber, sand, and cement. This combination of products makes fiber cement siding incredibly durable. It can resist common hazards such as rain, insects, wind, and fire. Fiber cement is recommended in areas that are particularly humid and/or hot, but it can still handle water (it doesn’t rot), and it’s resistant to termites (due to being composed of sand and cement content).

Fiber Cement and Durability

Compared to other siding materials, fiber cement is less likely to end up in a landfill due to its compositions and longevity.

Considering the information above, fiber cement would be an excellent choice for the siding of your home. Thankfully, C&T Siding is here to make such a dream come true. Contact us today so we can nearly eliminate any siding issues you could have for decades.

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