What to Know About New Siding and Energy Efficiency

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Installing new siding on your home can enhance your home’s the curb appeal, but you may wonder if it has any effect on your energy expenses. You might want more reason to get new siding on your home than just to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, at C&T Siding, we can help you compare your options to find siding that improves your energy efficiency.

How Does Siding Affect Energy Efficiency?

You’ll see your energy bills lower greatly if you are replacing siding that is 20 years or older, or if your current siding has severe damage. New siding keeps the cold and heat from entering into small crevices and getting into or escaping your home, depending on the season.

●        LP SmartSide

At C&T Siding, we offer a special type of siding that’s drastically more energy efficient than other options: LP SmartSide siding. LP SmartSide has four layers that protect the home from harsh winters and will keep you cool when it gets hot during the summer. We have LP siding contractors that will ensure you receive the most for your money by paying attention to detail. Not only will the finished product look better, but it has a greater amount of energy efficiency when one of our trained LP siding contractors intalls it.

LP siding has long panels, so you have fewer lines in the finished product. Overall, it has a more cohesive appearance than standard siding. It’s water-resistant and highly durable; therefore, you won’t have to replace it for years to come. We should mention that LP siding reduces your carbon footprint.

●        Vinyl Siding

If you’re looking for a type of siding that’s going reduce your energy bills and don’t want LP siding, you may want to consider vinyl. It’s more energy efficient than options. Plus, it’s extremely versatile in terms of the color options you have available to you.

Color and Energy Efficiency

The color of your siding does have an effect on your energy efficiency. Darker colors aren’t going to reflect the sun like lighter colors. In fact, just like wearing a dark-colored shirt in the summer, if you have dark siding on your home, it’s going to attract more of the sun’s rays.

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