What to Expect From a House Siding Consultation

You bought your house because you saw potential. You liked the floor plan and the location and envisioned putting down roots. But like most homeowners, you also knew you’d be making some changes over time.

When many people think about home improvement projects, the first ideas that come to mind are often for the interior. Flooring, appliances, kitchens, bathrooms and basements are things we use every day. It makes perfect sense to want to upgrade them!

But one of the most important things you can do to preserve and improve your home is to replace your homes siding. Even if the current siding only has minor damage, it can get worse rapidly.

In addition to combating standard wear and tear, it can also feel really satisfying to update your home’s siding for a refreshing new look! Your home is your sanctuary, and it can be rejuvenating to replace the siding with colors that match your preferences and personality.

If you’re thinking about getting new siding on your home, taking the next steps can be intimidating. Here’s what to know about the siding consultation process.

Pre-consultation Preparation

If you decide you’re interested in replacing your siding, the first thing you should do is research. Look into different materials and color options available and think of anything you might want to ask when you meet with a consultant.

Initial Meeting and Discussion

The first meeting with a company representative will usually last around an hour. It’ll involve a casual conversation that covers your goals, preferences and initial questions. Ultimately, the aim is to help you understand the process and what goes into the journey. It’s important that you know what to expect and have all of your inquiries answered.  

Home Exterior Assessment

This is where a large portion of the planning process takes place. Since you see your house every day, you can easily fail to notice certain aspects of the siding.

Your home exterior will be examined by a professional who will take measurements and take note of any particularities or potential problems. After the expert compiles the notes from your conversation and the details from the exterior review, the company will create a custom quote that goes over everything from labor to materials and more.

Discussion of Your Options

Once your quote is complete, you’ll have a review chat with an exterior design consultant. This meeting will include a conversation that covers your options for materials and colors, along with covering any questions or concerns you may have.

You’ll be able to review color swatches and material samples to help make your decision easy. Once you and the consultant have a game plan in place, the project can begin and you can start the process of transforming your home!

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