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4 Ways You Need to Prepare for Storm Damage This Winter

Winter is the season that takes the hardest toll on a home. Whether you’re talking about the interior or the exterior, by not preparing correctly, you could set yourself up for major inconvenience and an increase in the costs to run your home. 

1. Check your windows and doors

Drafts from improperly sealed windows and doors can do more than make you uncomfortable. They can also increase your energy costs. Fortunately, this is often pretty obvious once the cold air hits as drafts allowing cold air to seep into your home usually make their presence known quickly. The key is to find — and seal — those gaps before the cold weather hits.

2. Does your siding need an upgrade? 

Your siding is designed to do more than simply make your home look beautiful. Its primary purpose is to protect the integrity of the structure of your home. Without the protection of high-quality siding, the materials of your home could fall prey to the elements. Look for areas of loose siding or where it is pulling away from your house.

3. Check your roof

Like your siding, your roof provides a significant protective mechanism for your entire home. Missing shingles or areas where the shingles are loose could allow enough room for rain to be blown in between those shingles and the wood that makes up your roof.

4. Look over your gutters

While you have the ladder out to inspect your roof, take a look at your guttering system as well. Unlike your roof, though, you can probably see much of your gutter from the ground. Make a note of any gutters that are sagging or missing their hangers. You might also need to clean out your gutters before the rain and snow hit if they are full of debris. Otherwise, water could overflow them and cause damage to your home.

5. Check for water damage

Many of the items noted above are a signal for additional inspection. For example, if you notice missing shingles on your roof, it is a good idea to head to your attic to be sure that water hasn’t found its way inside your home.

C&T Siding has been serving homeowners since 1978. Contact them today if you need a trained professional to perform an inspection on your siding or roof. They can also inspect your home for water damage.

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