The Many Benefits of Steel Siding

If it’s time to replace the siding on your home, there are many options to choose from. Steel siding not only looks great, but has several other benefits, too. With a quick and easy installation, easy maintenance plan, and a comprehensive warranty, steel siding is a clear front runner as one of the best products to put on the outside of your home. Below, we will examine some benefits of steel siding in more depth:

●        Seamless Installation

One benefit of using Emco steel siding is that the installation is seamless. This means there are no splices or joints on the exterior of your home. This creates a unified, cohesive look to your siding with a smooth finish.

Additionally, a seamless installation provides added protection to your home. Often, seams are a site where water can enter the home, creating damage and mold. Seams can also be a place for wind to enter the siding and catch the edge. During high winds or a storm siding could easily be ripped off your home and damaged.

Our steel siding comes in 16 different colors with both light and dark color choices available.

●        Easy Maintenance

Steel siding is incredibly durable compared to other types of siding. The benefit of steel is that the product is incredibly long lasting and will not chip, crack, or peel over time. The color you select stays vibrant and bold through the life of the siding.

To clean the siding, simple soap and water is all you will need. The steel siding will never swell or become distorted, and because the steel has an added benefit of moisture protection, you will never have to seal or repair gaps that could invite leaks and mold into your home.

●        Saves Money

Emco steel siding is a great way to save money. The steel siding is incredibly energy efficient, which can reduce energy bills. Further, installation is very quick, making the cost of labor low compared to traditional siding installations. Maintenance is minimized with no need to paint, seal, or caulk the siding. The best benefit to steel siding that will help you save money is that every installation comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty helps protect against manufacturer defects, such as chalking or fading, and is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business.

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