The Difference Between Ultrex Wood Windows and Generic Wood Windows

wood window with multiple lites at a cabin

When one must replace their windows, they oftentimes have to decide whether to use Ultrex wood windows or generic wood windows for their home. However, the difference between the two can be significantly different. Thankfully, we’re here to explain the difference between Ultrex wood windows versus generic windows (and why you’ll likely stick with Ultrex).

Ultrex Materials

Ultrex materials are known for excellence and innovation. Being on the market for two decades, the product has outlasted and outperformed competition in the industry. Whether it be patio doors or furniture, it has earned its place being the industry standard. As its products are tested rigorously, Ultrex has never failed when faced with a challenge.

One significant difference between Ultrex wood windows and traditional wood windows is that Ultrex uses a pultruded fiberglass composite. This composite is the combination of two (or more) materials that harness attributes that wouldn’t be possible with a single material. The pultrusion process utilized to make such windows uses continuous cables of glass that are saturated with specific compound resins, which are then pulled through a heat-treated die. Then, the glass is cut with blades utilizing diamond edges. Many conventional wood windows do not utilize such processes, which makes them far inferior in design.

Perks of Using Ultrex Wood Windows

When it comes to using Ultrex windows, they boast the strength of steel. That’s right—one square inch of Ultrex is capable of supporting 34,000 pounds. In comparison to vinyl, it’s eight times stronger; In comparison to wood/vinyl composites, it’s three times stronger. When it comes to the strength and longevity of Ultrex wood windows, Ultrex offers a competitive price that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

In addition to this, Ultrex wood windows won’t bend, warp, bow, or crack over time like wood/vinyl composites are known to do in inclement weather. Ultrex windows are built to last in a wide variety of weather situations, so making such an investment is well worth it.

Considering the information above, investing in Ultrex Wood Windows would be an excellent idea. Thankfully, C&T Siding installs Ultrex wood windows so you can experience the joy of having such windows in your home. Contact us today for more information as to how we can get them installed in your home!

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