The Benefits Of Ultrex Windows

Infinity windows by Marvin are high performing, beautiful windows. These windows are made by Ultrex, who uses a proprietary material loaded with benefits for the homeowner. Replacing your windows is a big commitment, but can add years of enjoyment and add value to your home. Below, let’s take a look at what makes Ultrex a great material to use.

●        Higher Performing

Ultrex creates a high-performance window, both beautiful and economical. These windows are better made and better sized to reduce the amount of drafts and leaks. Fewer drafts in the house equates to more comfortable living conditions. Plus, without cold air coming inside in the winter, and warm air entering the home in the summer, you will save on energy bills throughout the year.

●        Built with Better Materials

Compared to traditional windows, Ultrex is a much better material. Most windows are made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood, and Ultrex outperforms every one of them. Ultrex material is just as strong as steel, and nearly four times stronger than wood and vinyl composites. Compared to just vinyl windows Ultrex wins by a landslide coming in at eight times the strength.

Plus, Ultrex windows have the ability to reduce temperature transfer and do not expand and contrast as much as traditional windows. This results in a better fitting window that is weatherproof. Over time, Ultrex ages well and can be considered a maintenance free window. The material does not rot, dent, or warp like some traditional material windows.

●        Better Design

Because of the stronger material, Ultrex windows can be made with a better design. The strength in the frame allows your window to have a narrow profile. This means that there is less material around the glass, giving you a bigger window. Bigger windows mean more natural daylight and a better view.

If you like the look of wooden windows, Ultrex can be designed to add wood details. This gives you all the benefits of a fiberglass window with the beautiful details of a wooden window. The window is finished in a coating that stays true to its color without fading for decades.

While replacing windows in your home is a big investment, adding the right windows can add real value to your home. Infinity windows, made with Ultrex, have the ability to last for decades with no maintenance. They are made of stronger materials allowing for better designs.

If you are interested in learning more benefits about Ultrex, the experts at C&T Siding can help. We can answer any questions you may have and help you select the right windows for you home. To see what we have to offer, contact us today.

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