The Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

person holding demo of high tech triple pane windows

The frames of windows can be made from many different materials. Aluminum and wood are very common, but other materials include vinyl and fiberglass. When you start looking to purchase new windows for your home, it is important to take the time to learn the benefits that each material has to offer, and use that information to decide which type of window is ideal for your home or business. Here are a few of the benefits of fiberglass windows:

●        They Are Better Insulated

One of the major benefits associated with fiberglass windows is their insulation properties. When your framework is made of fiberglass, you are getting a window that is better insulated. Less air can seep through the gaps of fiberglass, better insulating your home. Ultimately, this helps to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without you having to run your heating or cooling unit as often.

●        They Are Stronger and More Durable

Another benefit associated with fiberglass windows is that fiberglass is stronger and more durable than other types of window frame materials. This helps the window frame withstand weather elements, such as hail or strong wind gusts, without becoming damaged or broken. This also helps the window frame to last longer. If you are looking for a long-lasting window frame option, fiberglass is a great choice.

●        They Are Lightweight

The final benefit associated with fiberglass windows is that fiberglass is a lightweight material. You may find yourself wondering why this matters, but the weight of your frame does matter. The heavier the window frame, the more work it is to install the window. Installation takes longer and additional casing or support may need to be built around the window. A lightweight window is easier and faster to install, which ultimately helps to keep your installation costs as low as possible. While fiberglass windows are not cheap to purchase, their lower installation costs can help offset some of the higher costs of the windows, helping them fit within your budget.

There are many benefits associated with fiberglass windows. If you are looking to have fiberglass windows installed on your home in the greater western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota area, C&T Siding would love to help you. Contact us today to get answers to any questions you may have about fiberglass windows or to obtain a quote.

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