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At least 30% of all Americans install siding on the outside of their homes. Over the last 70 years, siding has proven to be the most durable, cost-effective, and attractive material in the industry. Although vinyl siding is a popular option, homeowners are now discovering siding made from tougher, more durable materials. Options such as seamless steel, fiber cement, wood siding offer a wide range of designs and colors that homeowners find just as attractive as vinyl siding. We compare three of our most popular siding materials below:

Seamless Steel Siding: Spanning The Home Exterior

Although sectioned vinyl siding is easy to install, it’s also unsightly. There’s nothing worse than looking down the side of your home exterior and seeing all of those openings in the sections. Seamless steel siding solves this problem. One section of the siding is spread out across an entire side of a home regardless of how wide it is. The section is custom cut to suit the shape of the house and then install all at once. The steel is reinforced with a protective layer of vinyl to give it added durability. Seamless siding is impervious to water, humidity, the wind, and other elements. It also makes an effective bug barrier since there are no seams for insects to crawl through.

Fiber Cement Siding: A Long Lasting Compound

What makes fiber cement siding so virtually indestructible is its makeup: cement, silica or fly ash, wood pulp, and water. The wood pulp gives the siding sheet flexibility so that the surface does not crack or warp in extreme temperatures. The silica fills the thin layers and the cement seals and binds the entire piece. Most manufacturers offer up to a 25-year warranty for fiber cement siding because of its ability to withstand the outside elements over several years.

Wood Siding: The Natural Look

Simply put, wood siding is mother nature’s defense against mother nature. Wood siding is a favorite among homeowners in Robert because of its natural beauty and organic appearance. The wood material is usually layered and reinforced with clapboard, wood planks or common plywood. Wood siding does need routine maintenance and care to keep repair costs down, but the tradeoff is a product that is recyclable, natural, and easy to install.

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