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If you’re considering new siding for your home, you’ll no doubt want to do your research! Siding installation is no small thing. A brand new finish to your home can drastically change its look, as well as markedly improve on your home’s structural strength by protecting it from the elements. You have so many options and brands to choose from, too—steel siding, LP siding; you name it. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little bit lost as you take notes on all the possible ways you could change up your house’s look!

That’s why we at C&T Siding are here to help. We want to help you find the best siding for your needs and budget, and we’ll oversee the project from start to finish. We strive to bring our customers attentive, stress-free service, and we’re passionate about sharing our expertise as siding contractors. No matter their previous experience, each of our employees must undergo extensive training to work with us, so you can rest easy knowing that the siding information you’ll receive during your in-house consultation is both thorough and up-to-date and that our siding installation job will be completed both quickly and thoroughly. C&T Siding is here to support you, no matter how much or how little you know about siding before our first meeting.

That being said, even if you’ll be working with the talented professionals at C&T Siding, there’s still no shame in research! Returning to our previous point, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at first when considering all of your siding options. Learning a little bit about each, though, can grant you a feeling of empowerment. Plus, it’s always nice to learn something new!

While we can’t possibly talk about every single siding make in a single blog post, we definitely can zero in on one of the most popular choices out there: vinyl siding. Read on to learn about what it can do for your home from both an aesthetic and structural standpoint, and learn if it could be right for you.

Vinyl Siding: What The Homeowner Needs To Know

Though it can look like wood at times, vinyl siding is made of hard, durable plastic. Its man-made nature means it comes in countless colors and textures, which makes it a versatile design choice for almost any house out there. No matter if you’re looking from anything from muted browns to bright blues, there’s a vinyl siding option to suit your style and your home’s general aesthetic. No wonder it’s such a widely-used siding type; the customization options are endless!

From a functional standpoint, vinyl siding is strong. It is naturally tough on rot and insect infestations. In fact, if you’ve always lived in a house with vinyl siding, you might not even know these are problems that affect houses in the first place. This makes it a lovely siding option for damp climates or homes that have historically struggled with termite problems.

What else is there to know about vinyl siding?

●        It’s low-maintenance | With many siding types, upkeep is an integral part of ensuring both longevity and good looks. While vinyl siding does appreciate the annual hose-down or power wash, that’s about all you’ll need to do to keep it looking sharp: no more painting or sanding, and no more peeling and chipping. Your house will stay looking beautiful for years!

●        It’s tough | Remember how we said vinyl siding is resistant to rot and bug problems? Well, it’s strong enough to resist countless other common hazards, too. With vinyl siding, you’ll never need to worry about rust, humidity damage, pollution damage, or harsh Minnesotan winters getting in the way of your house looking amazing. If you’re looking for a tough-as-nails siding type, vinyl siding just might be the right choice for you.

●        It’s affordable | Vinyl siding is one of the cheapest siding types out there, due to the fact that it’s manmade and easy for siding contractors to install. Of course, affordability doesn’t mean that vinyl siding is the “poor man’s” way to go! As stated above, it’s tough, colorful, versatile, and easy to maintain. Saving money while investing in such a tough siding type is both economical and smart!

●        It’s able to withstand Midwestern winters | Properly installed siding from C&T siding helps insulate your home against our frigid winters. Your energy bills will certainly thank you! However, vinyl siding that has been improperly installed can easily let the weather in, so make sure to go with a reputable siding contractor like us for all of your siding needs.

Curious About Your Siding Options? C&T Siding Is Here To Help

No matter if you’re set on steel siding, vinyl siding, or something entirely different, we’d be glad to help you find the best solution for your budget and your style. Give our Roberts, Wisconsin location a call at 715-749-3162. For Minnesotan residents, our Woodbury location can be reached at 651-483-6146. Regardless of your location, you can also get ahold of us online.