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Termites have voracious appetites and can cause a massive amount of damage to a house in a short period, especially if you have wood siding. Wood is particularly vulnerable to the ravages of termites. Birds and rodents can also destroy the siding on a house.

How to Spot Termite-Damaged Siding

Inspect your siding frequently, especially during the hot weather of summer or call a professional to do the job. Termites like to chew tunnels through wood siding, leaving the painted surface untouched. In appearance, the siding may appear to be sound and whole, but underneath the surface, the wood is destroyed.

Tap on wood siding and listen for a hollow sound that indicates the presence of termite damage. Sometimes you may see tunnels made of mud running from the ground to the bottom edge of the siding. These tubes are highways for termites to travel back and forth from the soil.

Check the frames of all exterior doors, such as patio doors for signs of termites. Examine the window frames too. Tap the wood and listen for the hollow sound.

If You Have Termite Damage

If you discover termites or suspect they are silently devouring your home’s siding call an exterminator first to get rid of the pests and then call C&T Siding for a free estimate on the cost to repair your home’s walls.

How Do I Prevent Termite Damage In the First Place?

Wood will always attract termites, and wood siding is very vulnerable. Replacing your wood siding with seamless steel or fiber cement siding can eliminate the threat of the wood-devouring pests. When you cover your house in seamless steel or fiber cement siding, you are protecting it from the termites that are attracted to wood.

Fiber cement siding repels all sorts of wood-eating insects, including termites. Made with portland cement, termites or carpenter ants can’t chew through this type of siding. Birds and rodents also won’t chew on fiber cement.

Seamless steel siding is also highly resistant to termites, ants, rodents, and bird damage because they can’t chew through the metal. Contact the experts at C&T Siding for more information on this amazing and beautiful product that will not only protect your home from termites but will significantly increase curb appeal.

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