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Although you should ideally let a professional siding contractor such as C&T Siding repair any holes in your vinyl siding, you should be aware of the basic procedures that will take place. The following is what you need to know about repairing vinyl siding holes:

Procedure for Smaller Holes

Matching the color of the exterior caulking material to the color of the siding is important to create a professional finish. Once you find the perfect match, a generous helping of the caulking  will be applied directly into the hole to re-establish the durability of the siding. Remember the caulking should be allowed to dry completely. A razor scraper should then be used to get rid of the excess that will gather around the outside.

If you can’t find an exact color match between the siding and the caulk, you can use a paintable caulk, then cover it with a latex paint that is the same color as the siding.

Procedure for Larger Holes

Though our repair experts use a siding zip tool to get into the bottom of the damaged siding, however foil tape can be used on the underside of the siding so that the hole can be covered. This technique will also lock the siding into place. The hole can then be filled with a single coat of caulking that is color matched with the siding. Alternatively, the caulking can be painted to match the siding as well.

Procedure for Cracks

Please keep in mind, if your siding has large cracks, the experts at C&T Siding should be the ones to repair the damages, otherwise an unnecessary mistake can cause extensive damage resulting in a need for complete replacement.

One technique to fix huge holes and cracks is to use a utility knife to cut a piece of matching siding away from its nailing strip. This siding should be bigger than the crack or hole, and can be attached to the damaged siding with construction adhesive. Alternatively, a zip tool may be used to completely remove the damaged piece of siding and replace it.

If you have vinyl siding holes that need to be repaired in Minnesota or Wisconsin, do not hesitate to contact the siding and home repair experts at C&T Siding. Since 1978, we have built our reputation on repairing homes right the first time. Get in touch with us through our website, or give us a call at (651) 483-6146.