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A single storm can leave a home in shambles. Still, some damages can’t be seen. In some cases, rough weather can wreak havoc beneath a home’s exterior.

Storms are more than swirling wind—humidity, alone, can damage fiber cement siding over time. Intense rain, meanwhile, can slowly erode the lining of exterior doors.

If your home has seen a rough storm, make sure it hasn’t sustained permanent damage. Storm damage occurs around the country, and unchecked windows, doors, and siding can result in homeowner discomfort.

To get your home back into good condition, take these surveying steps:

Step One: Check the Necessities

Before you do anything, make sure your family is safe. Avoid gas appliances, and unplug electric appliances if your home has lost power. Be wary of fallen power lines, too. If your home’s exterior doors are glass, and if the glass has shattered, steer clear of the area.

Step Two: Check for Wind Damage

Wind is the most destructive element of a strong storm. Any winds higher than 60 miles per hour warrant extreme caution, post-storm, according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory. Fallen tree branches, uprooted bushes, and even damaged screen porches can result in damaged electric lines, cable lines, and gas lines.

Step Three: Check for Water Damage

Next, observe your home for water damage. Big storms result in flooding, and a few inches of rain can spell trouble for your home’s interior. Fiber cement siding tends to be more susceptible to direct leaks, but a quick check of your home’s low areas can help you determine the damage.

Step Four: Check the Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can become damaged over time, even if your home hasn’t experienced intense flooding. While fiberglass windows repel rough winds, rain and even hail, wooden windows might experience wear-and-tear from prolonged moisture exposure.

Your patio doors, meanwhile, will take the brunt of heavy winds. Double-check the framework for warped edges and eroded woodwork—as a blustery day can apply pressure to the door itself, resulting in damaged thresholds.

Step Five: Contact Your Contractor

It’s a good idea to seek professional care, in the event of home damages. Here at C&T Siding, we strive to get our homeowners back on their feet as soon as possible. A professional contractor knows the ins and outs of certified repairs, and our workers understand the intricacies of storm damaged windows, doors, and siding.

Give us a call at 651-483-6146, and ask us about a free estimate. Here at C&T Siding, your home’s longevity is our priority.