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Siding is one of the easiest ways you can spruce up the look of your home. Replacement siding is highly beneficial to homeowners who are interested in increasing the value of their home. However, there is more to siding than making your home beautiful. When you want to maximize the benefits you get from installing siding, consider investing in LP siding for your home.

Understanding LP Siding

LP siding consists of wood fibers and wood particles. It is the unique combination of these two components that gives LP siding an advantage compared to other types of siding on the market. Treated with Zinc Borate, the wood in LP siding will prevent both termite infestations and damage from mold. Additionally, the wood is coated to strengthened to ensure that the layers of wood and wood particles aren’t compromised.

The Benefits Of LP Siding

Much like other siding options, it’s important to know the benefits of the product you are purchasing to make an informed decision about your purchases. After learning what LP Siding is, it’s important to understand the benefits of choosing LP Siding.


Beyond improving the look of your home, siding protects your home from weather and critters. However, if not installed correctly, or if you don’t take extra steps to prevent it, water can interfere with how well your siding works. With water leaks, you may find that bacteria will begin to create a home for itself behind your siding. Fortunately, if you choose to install LP siding, you won’t have to worry about this problem. The siding is designed to resist bacteria, and the wood is coated multiple times to prevent moisture from saturating the wood.


The complex manufacturing process that creates LP siding yields an extremely durable vinyl siding that is impact resistant. The strength of the wood particles and the wood is found in the manufacturer’s ability to layer the components in a way that creates a bond that isn’t easily compromised. As a result, you don’t have to worry about severe weather if you have LP siding because it can withstand extreme winds, hail damage, and heavy rains.


Although LP Siding is created by bonding wood and wood materials, you don’t have to worry about the siding looking “fake” on your home. During the manufacturing process, workers go through the painstaking process of ensuring that the finished product looks like regular wood. All you have to do is paint your siding.

Our team at C & T Siding are leaders in the industry when it comes to siding in Roberts, WI. We are your one-stop source for LP siding. If you want to learn more about how this innovative siding can protect and enhance the looking of your home, give us a call today.