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More than 40 million people left their jobs in 2021, and those effects are still being felt by many businesses. As workers seek higher wages, increased flexibility and better job satisfaction, many businesses are experiencing heavy competition when it comes to finding and keeping qualified applicants.

This is where C&T Siding & Windows has managed to stand out. Their creative Facebook strategy was recently featured in Upsize Minnesota, a magazine dedicated to helping small business owners grow.

In Upsize’s recent cover story by Andrew Tellijohn, C&T shows how one successful hiring strategy led to over a dozen applicants, and why C&T leads the way in employee retention.

How a Single Facebook Post Led to Numerous Applicants

Many businesses use Facebook advertising to reach new customers and potential employees, and for good reason. According to Statista, 69% of Americans use Facebook, and 73% of those users are on the platform every single day. With the right methods, small businesses can get a lot of exposure and a high return on their advertising investment.

However, making your Facebook posts stand out to the right audience can be a challenge. Carly Sutheimer, the owner of C&T Siding & Windows, used wit and creativity to get the attention of viewers.

With a splash of humor, she posted that workers could make $1 an hour, and if they weren’t on time or hard workers, the job wasn’t right for them. The wisecracking method paid off: she interviewed 14 applicants and hired four, all of whom decided to apply after seeing that post.

So why did Facebook viewers respond so highly to that single post?

According to Carly, it simply grabbed their attention and appealed to their sense of humor. The post also targeted the right audience with relevant content. C&T’s post played with the highly-discussed issue of proper compensation for employees.

The combination of humor and relevance made a memorable post that interested users enough to interact and take action.

Why Employees Stay at C&T Siding & Windows

Getting people in the door is just the first step in recruitment. It’s essential to retain employees for the long term for a business to thrive. In 2022, that’s proving harder to do with so many businesses and corporations competing heavily for workers.

At C&T, their retention lies in their flexible and human-focused approach. They’ve been a family-owned and operated business since 1978, and treat each employee as such. Employees aren’t a number to them—they’re highly valued as individuals who are deserving of consideration and care.

Instead of subcontractors, C&T focuses on hiring full-time employees and offers numerous benefits, such as a 401K match, paid time off, a sign-on bonus and healthcare. C&T offers the kind of compensation and respect that shows employees they’re valued.

This family-feel culture is also ever-present in their business operations. Each home is treated as their own and each project is held to the highest quality standards. Their dedication to excellence is the reason C&T’s reputation stands out in the Upper Midwest, and why employees stay. C&T is proof that when it comes to running a business, a human approach can lead to success on all fronts.

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