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Deciding on the right type of siding for your home can be challenging. The average homeowner does not know all that much about siding. This is why it’s important to allow a siding expert to help you pick a type of siding for your home. At C&T Siding, our siding contractors are familiar with the various types of siding we offer, as well as the benefits  of each option. All of this information can help you make the right choice for your home.

Here are a few of the factors that a siding expert will look at when helping to determine which type of siding is right for you:

●        Your Budget

One of the first factors that a siding expert will look at when determining which type of siding is right for you is your budget. Most people do not have an unlimited amount of money they’re willing to spend. As such, a siding expert will ask you about your budget and begin to narrow down choices based on what fits within it.

●        How Much Maintenance You’re Willing to Do

Another element that is looked at when recommending a siding option to you is how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Some siding options require more care and maintenance, while others require less. If you don’t have a lot of time or have mobility issues, a low-maintenance siding option may make the most sense for you.

●        Typical Weather Patterns

The weather elements and climate where you live have a huge impact on what type of siding will be recommended to you. Not every type of siding can withstand every weather condition. Some siding options are best for dry, warm weather climates, while others withstand freezing temperatures and cold better.

In the Upper Midwest, we see humid summers and cold, dry winters, which makes Steel, fiber cement, and LP siding the best options.

●        The Style and Look of Your Home

Lastly, a professional will look at the style and overall aesthetic of your home. Siding affects the look and curb appeal of your home, so an expert will need to keep in mind the look you’re going for and love when recommending a product.

With so many different types of siding available, selecting the one that is best suited for your home can be challenging. When you need siding in the greater western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota area, let the professionals at C&T Siding help you. We can help you select the siding that is best suited for your home. Contact us today for a consultation.