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Painting is an affordable way to give your house a facelift. The type of paint you choose all depends on what kind of house siding you have. Let’s go over the types of siding you can paint, and how to choose between painting and replacing your siding.

Which Types of Siding Can Be Painted?

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is very popular due to its cost-effectiveness. Homeowners can easily update their siding with a fresh coat of paint. An exterior 100% acrylic paint that’s safe for vinyl is best after applying primer.

Avoid dark colors which absorb more heat to prevent the vinyl from warping. Use a sprayer for the majority of your vinyl siding to make the job easier. Two coats are recommended for optimal protection.

Steel Siding

Steel siding offers a lot of peace of mind. For homeowners in the Upper Midwest, steel siding offers unmatched durability against the elements. Hail and thrown rocks won’t chip, crack or peel the finish, and heavy rains won’t cause mold. No matter the temperature, steel siding doesn’t swell or deteriorate and comes with a lifetime warranty.

While it’s not necessary to paint steel siding, you still have the option to do so. Choose a solvent-based primer followed by a waterproof exterior paint.

LP SmartSide Siding (Engineered Wood)

LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding lasts beautifully in Upper Midwest weather and can be painted to your particular taste. After priming, use acrylic latex coatings designed specifically for wood composites. It’s best to use two coats, which can be applied with a brush and a paint sprayer.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding to Paint or Replace Your Siding

Your Siding’s Condition and Age

Before deciding on painting your siding, consider its age. If it’s over 20 years old, replacing it might be the better option. Your siding also has to be in good condition to be painted. Dents, holes, buckles, rotting, mold and leaks call for siding replacement. Ask a professional to inspect your siding so you can make an informed decision about replacement versus painting.

Your Warranty

Check to see if your siding is under warranty before doing any painting. Many siding manufacturers will void your warranty if the siding is painted. If you have a warranty, read through the specifics and see what options are available. Warranties differ, but many manufacturers will guarantee your siding for up to 30 years or even provide a lifetime warranty.

Cost of Painting

If your siding is in good condition and under 20 years old, then painting can be a cost-effective option. According to Home Guide, painting your siding can cost between $1 and $3 per square foot, or $1,500 and $5,000 for the average home.

If you’re painting it yourself, you’ll need to dedicate a significant number of hours to the project. You’ll need many supplies, such as cleaning solutions, a garden hose, scaffolding, paint, brushes, rollers, sponges, sprayers, buckets, and painter’s tape.

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