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Delaying Storm Damage Repair Could Make Matters Worse

There are many types of structural damage your home can endure due to storms. From damage sustained by lightning to flooding to wind damage, your home is a sitting duck when it comes to storm damage. All too often, homeowners believe that they can delay getting their storm damage repaired because they have time. Unfortunately, delaying storm damage repair can make matters worse.

Missing Shingles Can Create a Bigger Problem

Losing a shingle or two may seem like no big deal following strong winds. In fact, many homeowners may think about replacing those lost shingles, but forget as time goes by.

Unfortunately, missing shingles can cause more damage than you think. If a hole results from the wind ripping off a shingle, then you could face a water leak, and you could experience energy loss. Without replacing the missing shingles, your problem could get worse. Over time, you may find that you’ve developed mold due to the water leaking into your home, which is a health risk to your family.

Dents on Gutters Can Affect Your Foundation

After severe weather, many people have problems with dented or damaged gutters. Although this problem may seem like it’s only superficial, it’s significant.

Your gutter system is responsible for taking water away from your home. If you have a dented gutter, then there is an increased chance of the gutter being blocked. When your gutter gets blocked, water can overflow and wash away the soil you have built up around your foundation. Unfortunately, if you allow this to go unchecked for months or years, your foundation may crack. Instead of risking the structure of your home, you should have your gutters fixed before pooling water damages your foundation.

C&T Siding to the Rescue

At C&T Siding, we’ve been repairing homes damaged by storms since 1978. As homeowners, we understand the challenges you face, but we are here to help. With a goal of fixing your home right the first time, you don’t have to worry about multiple repairs; our team has your best interests in mind. If you live in or around western Wisconsin or eastern Minnesota, and you need storm damage repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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