Signs to It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

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You might be putting off having new windows installed in your home because yours don’t look that bad. However, looks can be deceiving. You might have issues with your windows that are causing you to pay more on a regular basis for your energy bills. C&T Siding, can help. At C&T Siding, we guarantee the finished product will meet your expectations.

Signs it’s time to replace your windows

●        Your Energy Bills Seem High

While you could have had a rate increase by the electric company, an increase in your electricity or other energy expenses may not be due to a price hike. If your windows are old, you’re allowing a lot of excess cold air to enter into your home during the winter. In the summer, you’re allowing excess hot air to enter into your home. You’re probably compensating by using your furnace, space heater, or air conditioner more, which is increasing how much you’re paying for your energy expenses.

●        Worn Frames

Look at the condition of the frames of your windows. If it looks worn, chances are it needs to be replaced by one of our window contractors. Not only could it be raising your heating and cooling bills, but it’s not attractive to look at. Plus, in the future, these frames are only going to get worse in terms of function and aesthetics.

●        Difficulty Opening and Closing

Go throughout your home and check every window to see how well it opens and closes. If you have a window or two that’s difficult to open or close, it’s time to replace them.

●        Outdated Style

Your house may be the only one on your block that still has single-paned windows. Nowadays, you have the option of fiberglass windows, Ultrex/wood windows, and vinyl windows. These options are much more appealing to the eye. They all increase the overall value of your home, especially if you have highly outdated windows.

●        They Allow Noise to Pass Through

If you want to assess how well your windows work, it isn’t just about how much energy you’re losing. Stand in front of your windows while someone else stands outside of them. Talk back and forth to one another and evaluate how clearly you can hear the other person and at what volume you can hear them at. Vinyl windows, ultrex/wood windows, and fiberglass windows all have the ability to keep the noise that passes through them at a minimum.

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