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Will New Siding Improve the Value of My Home?

Putting new siding on your home can most certainly increase the resale value. Not only that, new siding can significantly boost curb appeal and attract favorable attention from potential buyers if your house is going on the market for sale.

What Sort of Siding Should I Choose?

There are different types of siding to fit your budget and create the look you want for your home. Choosing new siding can be difficult, so why not ask the experts for advice? The professional siding contractors at C&T Siding are happy to help you with every aspect of new siding installation.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular choice for homes. Manufactured from PVC resin, the type of siding is lightweight and never needs to be repainted. Vinyl siding can stand up to harsh weather and high winds, and does not warp, rot, or buckle like wood products. Insulated vinyl siding increases a home’s energy efficiency and reduces fuel bills. For more information on this product as well as a free estimate, contact C&T Siding.

Fiber Cement Siding

This building material is the tough workhorse of siding products. It is made with portland cement and requires little maintenance, is super durable, and comes with an affordable price tag. Fiber cement siding looks like wood, but it doesn’t warp or rot and is impervious to insect and rodent damage. This siding is also fire-proof and won’t crack in freezing weather.

After installation, the seams of fiber cement siding are caulked and painted. If you would like more information on this product and details of installation, contact a professional siding contractor at C&T Siding.

Seamless Steel Siding

Seamless steel siding has absolutely no splices or seams! This beautiful siding can withstand high winds without twisting and the rigors of extreme hot or cold weather. A layer of insulation under the steel helps to increase the energy efficiency of your home and keep the temperatures inside more comfortable for you and your family. Seamless steel siding is also insect and rodent proof and never needs painting. Find out more about this product by calling C&T Siding.

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