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Why Your Home Needs Fiber Cement Siding

When it comes to your home, maintaining your property matters. Fiber cement siding is one of the most popular residential installations currently available, and it can redefine your home’s look while requiring little to no maintenance. Fiber cement siding is low-cost, long-lasting and looks great. If you’re sprucing up your home, consider adopting fiber cement—and for these reasons.

Reason One: Minimal Maintenance

Home maintenance can get out of hand with continuous projects and to-do lists. Fiber cement requires little maintenance, and it’s incredibly efficient following a single installation. Capable of withstanding most weather conditions, fiber cement can last years without a single tune-up or maintenance call.

Reason Two: Cost Effectiveness

Fiber cement is incredibly insulative, making it a fantastic cost reduction option. When combined with insulation and weather barriers, fiber cement vastly outranks leading siding alternatives. Homeowners can benefit from fiber cement’s ability to withstand localized heat. Rarely will fiber cement need to be touched up due to contact damages.

Reason Three: Imperviousness to Rot

A lot of wood siding homes suffer from mold and mildew. Fortunately, fiber cement is impervious to rot. If your home withstands daily winds, rain, snow or even bug damage, it might be a good time to redefine the space with cement siding. Because fiber cement siding is economical, it can replace an entire home’s siding at little cost—and the anti-rot properties are certainly worth it.

Contact a C&T Siding professional today, and ask about seasonal installation options. Concrete siding needs to be kept dry before installation, so it’s a good idea to contact an installation professional during a dry week. A lot of fiber cement siding installations utilize corrosion-resistant nails, too, which fortifies the siding from beneath. Long-lasting, durable and visibly appealing, fiber cement siding is one of the leading residential property options available.

If you need ongoing maintenance, don’t hesitate. Contact us, and check out our wide-ranging services in Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. Whether you need intuitive siding contractors, window contractors or even Emco Steel siding contractors, we have you covered—and we have your home covered, too.

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