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Why We Love What We Do

When our clients ask us some of the reasons that we got into exterior remodeling in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, the conversation never runs dry. Remodeling homes and businesses requires a combination of skills and knowledge that makes it an exciting field to be in. The work is never dull and seeing clients satisfied always makes us feel good. From designing the look of the exterior to figuring out how technically materials are going to work together, it requires brain power as well as strength. In this post, we’ll explore the reasons that home remodeling is a great business to be in and some of the exciting possibilities that come out of understanding the processes.

Keeping Structures Strong

The exterior of a home has a number of distinct functions. One of the most important is the practical aspect. Siding, weather-resistant paint, and masonry function to protect the supports of the house from the elements. Wind, snow, and moisture in general make wood and insulation degrade. Getting moisture into your concrete foundation or wood supports means dealing with rot that will negatively impact your home until the structure is repaired.

We enjoy remodeling homes to prevent structural issues. With strong exterior support, the home will stay sturdy during storms and after decades of use.

Developing Color And Texture

Everyone wants to distinguish their home from the rest. You don’t want to live somewhere that looks exactly the same as your neighbors’ homes, and a few color and texture changes can help. Painting the siding of your house reinforces the structure and creates a pop of pigment. Some of the season’s popular color choices are cranberry, sage, or a mild indigo blue. This type of color palette reflects the natural but tame compulsion of decorators over the past few years. Make sure to stop into your local hardware store to see some of your options.

Another component of your exterior remodeling in Minneapolis should be figuring out what kind of textures would coordinate with your color choices on the exterior of your house. Masonry, like slate or brick, can be layered to create a unique pillar or wall. Rather than settling for the vinyl or river rock of past home design, we enjoy investing in some of the newer trends that both protect and give a variation to the outside of commercial and residential buildings.

Coordinating Themes In Different Areas

Many housing developers like to maintain a theme for the look of buildings in a given area. This can create a good community feel and give different neighborhoods distinctive ambiances. If you want to play with the theme of your neighborhood, adding or subtracting from the outside of your house is a good way to do it. We enjoy creating this sense of visual and literal cohesion.

Finding New And Improved Products

Professionals enjoy evolving and creating better outcomes for clients. Researching new products that have exciting properties and can improve the longevity of structures is something we’re passionate about. Each year, quality painting and exterior product brands come up with improvements to their formulas. We can help you find the top-of-the-line materials for your remodel.

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