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When Should You Choose Fiber Cement Siding?

C&T Siding offers a slew of siding options, and we feel fiber cement siding deserves a shout-out. If you’re not into seamless steel, fiber cement is a solid choice. Masquerading as masonry or wood, fiber cement can survive in incredibly harsh elements. Fiber cement isn’t perfect for every house, however. If the following situations apply to you, you might benefit from an installation:

You Want a Wood Siding Imitation

Your home’s look needn’t be sacrificed in the search for safety and durability. If you’re seeking a siding option which is sturdier than cedar, wood or stucco, fiber cement is your best bet. Fiber cement is made primarily from cement, but it also has a combination of wood fiber and sand—meaning it can imitate a variety of other surfaces.

You Live in a Harsh Environment

Fiber cement siding is a fantastic choice for homeowners living in very hot—or very cold—environments. It resists a slew of hazards, including rain, insects, fire and wind. It’s a good choice for any climate, but it’s ideal for hot, humid areas. Fiber cement can outlast other siding materials by decades, making it a good economical investment.

You Deal with Termites

Termites love siding, but they’re shut out by fiber cement. No matter how wet fiber cement gets, it won’t rot. Its material is also conducive to termite protection due to its tightly packed construction. Due to fiber cement’s durability, it’s less likely than other siding materials to wind up in landfills.

Cleaning is a Problem at Your House

Similar to wood siding, fiber cement siding doesn’t require much upkeep. Just spray it with a hose once every 6 to 12 months. You should get it checked for insects, too, and make sure any foundation plants are pruned away from its surface. Again: Fiber cement is incredibly durable. You’ll probably go years without ever needing a touch-up.

You’re Expecting a Color Change

Fiber cement can be painted and stained after it’s installed. Often, you can have a fiber cement siding piece repainted for as little as $1 per square foot. A lot of painting jobs come with a 15-year warranty, too. Color choices might be limited in the re-painting department, but they’re still generous.

Fiber cement siding is a fantastic, low-maintenance option for many homes. If you want a long-lasting, safe house, consider adopting fiber cement as a long-term option. Contact C&T Siding today, and ask us about the many available services our siding contractors can provide. We’re with you every step of the way, and we’re knowledgeable about the ins and outs of great siding options.

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