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What’s the Best Siding for Your New Home?

After you choose the perfect floor plan, interview and hire a contractor, and are excited to see your new home being built, you have to make a few final decisions about the finishing touches. Although you have an idea as to what color you want your house to be and what contours you like, with the various siding products available for today’s building projects, you may have a hard time deciding which is the best. The best way to approach such a decision is to realize no siding is the absolute best but rather understand they each offer distinct advantages and particular one might best serve your needs.

Seamless Steel Siding

Seamless steel siding is a modern take on a classic favorite. It is rugged and durable, available in any color you may choose for your home. Steel siding is reasonably priced and arguably the best deal when you consider the cost versus the lifespan of the product.

Fiber Cement Board

Fiber cement board offers an advantage of an additional layer of insulation to your home with an eco-friendly product. Cement sheathing has been recognized for its utility since the days of the Roman Empire, and modern cement products go far beyond traditional expectations. Cement board siding is infiltrated with specific fibers suitable for the climate where you plan to build in order to offer an extended 30 year warranty on a product expected to last much longer.

LP Siding

LP Smartside Siding is an engineered plastic designed to simulate traditional wood home coverings without the ongoing maintenance requirements of sealing and replacing the wood panels you’re used to seeing decay over time. LP siding only requires a quick spray with a pressure washer to look brand new each spring or fall. Being an engineered plastic product, the siding inherently helps insulate your home to keep heating and cooling bills low while providing a beautiful exterior for your house throughout the year.

The best way to decide which siding is best for your new home is to discuss with your contractor what you like and listen to his recommendations about how best to achieve your goals. You can trust a professional contractor who specializes in siding products to have the experience to guide you toward your decision. Building a new home is a project worthy of taking the time to choose what is going to keep you and your family happy now and for years to come.

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