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What Is the Best Type of Home Siding for the Twin Cities Area?

In the northern part of the United States, heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures are typical weather for the winter, and the summers are warm with plenty of rainfall. What kind of home siding performs the best in this type of climate? Let’s take a look at the types of siding recommended by C&T Siding contractors for the Twin Cities area.

Tough and Durable Fiber Cement Siding

In a location with very cold weather and high moisture levels in summer, fiber cement siding is a wise choice for homeowners that want low maintenance, good insulative properties and good looks. This extremely durable siding can last for decades because it is manufactured with cellulose fibers and cement that give it great strength. This type of home siding can handle very cold weather with no problem, and your home will have great curb appeal for years to come.

Insects, such as ants or termites, can’t eat or nest in fiber cement siding, so they don’t damage this material, and it is fireproof. Fiber cement siding also doesn’t break or dent like vinyl when accidentally struck, and it doesn’t rot like wood. Pair this siding with vinyl windows for a home exterior that requires very little maintenance.

Indestructible Seamless Steel

Seamless steel siding is impervious to below freezing temperatures and strong winds and won’t bend or buckle. This type of siding is also practically maintenance-free because of the lack of installation gaps and the strength of the individual boards. Extremely cold weather can’t harm seamless steel, and it won’t split or crack, making it one of the best choices of siding for the Twin Cities area. C&T Siding professional contractors highly recommend this siding for local homeowners.

Are You Considering Siding Replacement?

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