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What Home Improvements Can Help Me Sell My House?

If you want to move it makes sense to improve the house so you can get a top selling price. Home improvements can certainly raise the value of a house, but which ones bring the most financial returns.

Fix What’s Broken First

If your home isn’t in top form and you want to sell, you may consider asking for professional advice. At C&T Siding, we have been helping homeowners improve their homes since 1987. We can offer a homeowner many affordable ideas and tips to help update their home and increase the resale value.

The first and most apparent improvements you should consider is fixing anything in a state of disrepair. Do you have a leaky roof, a screen porch with torn panels, or does your siding need repainting? Does the HVAC system work well? Buyers willing to pay top dollar for a house want everything to be in good working order when they move into the home, especially the roof! So these items need to be repaired before the house goes on the market.

Spend Wisely

Most real estate experts agree that well-maintained homes are more desirable to potential buyers than fancier houses with a host of problems. It’s going to be tough to find a buyer if you haven’t fixed that leaky roof, but instead spent the money on decorating the interior. If you want to sell your house, have that roof replaced.

If your home has siding problems, such as insect or bird damage, have it replaced to improve your home’s curb appeal. The same goes for windows and doors. If your home has old windows that are falling apart or permanently stuck, this will turn away serious buyers. New fiberglass windows will give your home an updated, fresh look.

If you require a budget-friendly option, consider vinyl windows. Consulting a professional at C&T Siding will provide the information you need to decide which replacement windows and doors would be the best for your situation.

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As the leading source for quality home improvement in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota area since 1987, we at C&T Siding can help you get your home ready quickly to put on the market. From replacement fiberglass windows, new roofing or a higher quality siding, we are proud to offer our customers a full range of home improvement options whether you are selling or planning to improve your house.

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