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What are the Benefits of Seamless Steel?

Because it’s steel, the siding can be installed at any time of year. Additionally, it’s temperature and weather-resistant during all months. Seamless steel won’t crack during the cold months, and it’ll outperform vinyl siding during hotter stretches.

It Doesn’t Fade

That’s right: Seamless steel siding won’t fade like vinyl siding. You can also select multiple colors for your seamless steel siding, giving your home a modernist touch without sacrificing structural integrity.

It’s Energy Efficient

A surprising amount of energy is lost through a home’s siding. Seamless steel siding, however, is energy efficient. It’s coated with cool-paint technology. The cool paint reflects radiant heat, keeping rays away from your home during the summer months. If you want to cut down on the energy bill, consider using seamless steel.

It Defends Against Mildew

While vinyl siding has small grooves, seamless steel is a singular surface. It won’t allow mildew, as there’s simply nowhere for moisture to collect. Similarly, seamless steel siding will defend your home against critters and storm debris.

It Defends Against the Wind

If you live in a windy area, seamless steel might be your best option. Seamless steel doesn’t suffer from wind problems like other siding does. Siding with a seam can “catch” the wind, disturbing your household. Seamless steel, meanwhile, won’t detach from the wall. Its edges aren’t exposed.

It’s Durable

Finally, seamless steel is one of the strongest siding materials around. It’s harder than vinyl, and it’ll resist damage better than other materials. During a hail storm, for example, vinyl siding can crack and break. Seamless steel siding, meanwhile, will spare the replacement costs. It can be dented, sure, but its damage will be considerably easy to deal with.

Contact C & T Siding today, and find the best siding for your home. Seamless steel is a fantastic option for any home, and its long lifespan is a solid choice for weather-heavy areas. Discuss your options with a contractor, and get the siding your home deserves.

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