Vinyl Siding Installation

When you need vinyl siding installation, contact C&T Siding. We offer complete vinyl siding installation in Western Wisconsin and Minnesota. We can customize your siding to your precise specifications and install it so that it fits your home perfectly. Regardless of what style, color, shape, or dimensions you need, C&T Siding can deliver superior siding that lasts.

To find out more about our products and services, call us at 651.483.6146. A C&T Siding specialist can sit down with to go over your options and help you find the right products for your home.

Why Vinyl Siding?

There are several benefits to installing vinyl siding around your home:


Vinyl siding can handle the harsh Minnesota winters, as well as intense weather from time to time. Likewise, it can take the sunlight, heat, and humidity outside without peeling, cracking, warping, or fading. With basic maintenance, you should expect your siding to last season after season.

Energy Efficient

Vinyl siding is unsurpassed in its ability to eliminate thermal penetration into your home. It is designed to create a tight seal that insulates your home inside and out. Vinyl siding can reduce your energy bill by up to 50%.


Since vinyl lasts longer than wood or aluminum, it is a more sustainable choice. Vinyl siding is also recyclable, making it the perfect choice for the environment.

Unlimited Design Options

No matter what type of style or design you are looking for, you can find it with vinyl siding. Your choices are virtually endless. You can choose from different colors, patterns, or textures. You will find the perfect vinyl siding to suit your home’s exterior design.


Compared to other types of siding, vinyl siding has lower up-front costs, maintenance costs, and replacement costs. You will spend less money on repairs over the life of the siding. You can purchase high-quality siding at a fraction of the cost of other siding materials.

The Vinyl Siding Installation Process

How we install your siding is just as important as what siding we install. Therefore, we undergo a comprehensive, rigorous process for installing your vinyl siding.

  1. First, a siding expert will meet with you to discuss your vision and listen to your ideas. We can also answer your questions and address your concerns. From there, we can begin putting together your siding design, looking at options and finalizing the product you want to install. Since there are many options available, you should be able to find the product that is perfect for your home.
  2. Second, we’ll order the materials and have them delivered to your home. Before we begin the installation, we make sure your order is correct and that all supplies have arrived so there is no delay in the installation.
  3. Third, we remove the old siding and start to prepare your house for the new siding. We want to make sure your home is ready for the new vinyl siding so it will perform well once installed.
  4. Last, we install the new siding and complete all finishing. When the job is complete, we make sure you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work. We can also discuss options for ongoing maintenance or what to do if you experience any problems. We can also address the details of your warranty and make sure you have no further questions.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Vinyl Siding Installation

If you’re ready for a new vinyl installation, contact C&T Siding today. You can schedule a free consultation with a siding expert and set a date for your installation. Call us at 651.483.6146 to find out more about our vinyl siding services and products.