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The Pros of Seamless Steel Siding

The exterior of a home is one of the most important features it can have. It is the first thing people notice about the home and, in the case of selling a home, will make or break a tour before it even begins. While there are a lot of different siding options out there, years of experience have made us partial to using seamless steel siding in Woodbury, MN  This kind of siding has proven itself durable (which is important given the extremes in Minnesota’s seasons), attractive, and energy efficient. For this area of the country, nothing else offers the same kind of quality as steel siding.

An Endless Array of Colors

One of the first questions people often ask is what colors the siding comes in. Pick one! As most people can imagine, the color on steel siding comes from paint, so color choices are as endless as paint colors and all their mixes. No matter what a homeowner envisions for their home, we are able to help make it a reality. Whether our customers want a home that is all one color, want an exterior accent wall, or want contrasting trim, we can make that happen. When someone opts for steel siding, the options really are endless and our team of professionals is always happy to work with customers to create a personal and unique look just for them.

Energy Efficient Paint

Another important thing to know about our siding is that the paint does more than make it pretty. The paints we use include Cool Paint Technology and DuPont Teflon Surface Protector. Cool Paint Technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the energy efficiency industry. This specially formulated paint has reflective flecks in it which reflect the heat back to the outside, keeping homes cooler in the summer and thereby lowering energy bills. Who doesn’t want a lower energy bill? No one we’ve met so far.

Easy to Maintain

Besides using paint that will decrease energy bills, we also use a protective sealant that prevents things like water, oil, dirt, and other nasty substances from getting into the siding and causing it to decay. This sealant will help keep the siding beautiful for years to come and makes cleaning it a once-in-a-while chore instead of monthly drudgery. With other types of siding, especially wood, cleaning, repainting, and resealing are jobs that have to be done almost annually—sometimes more depending on wear and tear. With steel siding, cleaning it is the only thing homeowners need to do and even that can be accomplished with a squirt from a garden hose.

Amazing Company Warranties

As the word “steel” most often connotes, this kind of siding is tough. Homeowners don’t need to worry that their home will be damaged by sunlight, water, or even the everyday scratches from things like branches or other storm debris. We love this type of siding so much, we’re even willing to back up our claims. When homeowners choose steel siding, we give them a warranty which includes 50-year hail protection and a 35-year chalk and fade. That warranty combined with the natural durability of steel siding and our protective sealant means homeowners really have nothing to worry about other than what color or color combinations they would like to have installed.

For more information on this revolutionary new siding, call a professional siding contractor today. It’s never too soon to stop worrying about a home’s exterior!

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