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Storm Damage – Before and After

Severe weather can be both unpredictable and devastating. Modern forecasting technology can certainly provide adequate information to keep us informed and help us make decisions that would keep us out of harm’s way. But when it comes to your property, you can’t very well move your house out of the way of an oncoming storm! What you can do is take steps that would put the odds in your favor.

What you need to do BEFORE it happens:

Powerful storms can take a greater toll on your home if given the opportunity. Old windows can become brittle over time, making them more susceptible to breaking under the stresses of severe weather. Siding that is in disrepair can allow water penetration, causing subsequent damage that may not be immediately evident. Roofing often takes the greatest hit during bad weather, and once compromised, can lead to some of the most serious damage possible. But there are ways to proactively mitigate some of these potential scenarios.

●        Windows and Doors: Be sure your windows and doors are in excellent condition. Repair or replace as necessary.

●        Siding: Options such as Steel and Fiber Cement siding are resilient and tough. Forming a protective shell around your home, proper siding keeps as much of Mother Nature’s wrath outside as possible.

●        Metal Roofing: Your roof is a critical barrier between your home and the elements. Spare no effort in making sure your roof is up to the task or protecting your livelihood.

What you need to do AFTER it happens

Once the storm has passed, it’s time to assess the situation and plan your next steps. This is where C&T Siding can be instrumental in making that process as efficient and productive as possible.

●        Get an Estimate: Our estimators have tremendous experience working with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the financial compensation to pay for the repairs that are required. We are in the business of restoring your home after a disaster, and we are good at what we do.

●        Start the Repairs: Our specialties include storm damage repair work on roofs, siding, windows, doors, decks, porches, and more. Whether it’s rain, hail, wind or any other element that has damaged your home, we can help.

Contact C and T Siding at 651-438-6146 with your storm damage concerns, and let us get you up to par before the storms happen, or back to the way things were before they did. The quality of our work and dedication to our clients applies to every job we do.

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