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Spring Cleaning and Summer Weather

Spring cleaning is more than just straightening up a house, dusting, and vacuuming those are things you do throughout the year to keep a nice home. Spring cleaning infers a more thorough cleaning and sanitation, washing windows and pressure washing the exterior of your house. Although part of the reason is to assure the house looks its best, it’s also a chance to fully inspect the home for any damage which may have occurred over the winter. A exceptionally harsh storm can potentially damage even new siding which was properly installed and the damage needs to be repaired promptly before it allows for more problems to arise.

Winter Siding Damage

Typical winter damage can take one of two forms. First, the materials used to build the home can shrink and expand between freezing weather and warmer days which in turn can potentially loosen the siding’s fasteners. In turn, once loosened moisture can get behind the siding and freeze, loosening them further which allows wind and rain to knock a piece off the house. Another type of damage is caused by wind and sleet or freezing rain. The siding is designed to withstand such weather, but like anything else after it gets old the accumulation of years of exposure can begin to look grungy and require replacement.

Repair or Replace

Newer siding can generally be cleaned with a pressure washer to appear brand new again unless there are immediate obvious repairs needed such as reattaching a piece which has come off or tightening any fasteners which have obviously become loosened. Often a new piece can be attached even though it’s better to save the one which came loose to assure a perfect match. Siding does fade a bit over time and even though it isn’t enough to be generally noticeable a new piece can stand out by not having been through the exposure to the weather. Older siding which has multiple problems every year is likely to bring a recommendation to conduct a complete replacement because it will look nicer and serve its function better.

Siding Options

When it is time for replacement siding, you have a few options. It’s best to discuss with a contractor whether vinyl, insulated vinyl, seamless steel or fiber cement boards will work best for your budget and the weather conditions where you live as each have their individual advantages when compared to each other.

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